Mission Statement

My mission is to add to all the excellent content that is out there for the Lord of the Rings LCG.
I will do this through reviews I write.  Sharing videos from other great contributors in the community.  And I might even start a progression series one of these days.....we'll see!

Please remember, this is a purely fan made blog.  I am not affiliated or owned by Fantasy Flight Games or Tolkien companies.  I just want to add to the game and encourage new players to try out the game.

Please note that this blog will not be 100% original content.  I am trying to collect some of the best videos and resources to help new players (or even experienced ones!) out.  So I will be posting videos and linking posts from other blogs as well.  Please visit them to see what great content they have as well!  Still I love to offer my opinion so you will see plenty of stuff from my own brain too.

It's good to remember too that I am not a master player by any means. Don't take anything I say as gospel.  I am just adding stuff for fun.  So I hope you like it and at least find it moderately useful.  :)

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