Thursday, November 3, 2016

The World Has Changed.....

Welcome to the third age!  Of this blog.  Originally this blog started out dedicated only to Android Netrunner.  But I have since stopped playing that game so I turned it into a general gaming blog.  Now that age has ended as well and as you can surmise this is changing into a blog dedicated exclusively to The Lord of the Rings Card Game!  Yes Fantasy Flight Game’s long running LCG.  Sure, it has been out for over 5 years.  No it isn’t dead by any means (although that is a running joke among the community!), and yes you should definitely check it out!  I thought about doing a progression series.  And I honestly might do one eventually for fun.

For now though, I am going to be doing a lot of reviews.  Going to start with the core and we will work our way through every single card.  Now why am I doing this?  How can I add anything to the current state of the game?

Per my Board Game Geek stats I have played this game far, far more than any other game in 2016.  So you can see I’m super excited to get into adding to the fan additions to this game.

I also see a lot of new people coming into the game and I’m slightly ahead of that.  I have been playing for about a year (off and on.  I ended up having to sell my collection and am now rebuilding.  That situation won’t ever happen again!).  I have not really delved too deeply into the newer cards.  I only own most of the Mirkwood cycle and three copies of the core set.  So I’m not a 100% noob.  But I’m also not super experienced.  That gives me a different perspective when it comes to looking at cards. 

I have a background in Magic the Gathering (many years and wasted dollars!) and several different LCGs (Andriod Netrunner, A Game of Thrones Second Edition, Star Wars).  So I can offer a bit of insight.  I will try and help out the newer players along.  And probably amuse any experienced players with my naivety.  Ha, ha!

I am also currently branching out and adding to my collection and increasing my game plays as well.  I am more and more getting into this experience.  It truly is an amazing game and I want to help keep it going for as long as FFG will pay for the license.

This blog will also feature videos or other blog posts I find elsewhere.  I am making it my mission to direct new players (or any players!) to all the great content out there.  So feel free to contact me and I will plug your LOTR inspired blog!

I think another thing I might mention is my level of LOTR nerdiness so you guys can understand me from that perspective as well.  When I was a kid I was introduced to The Hobbit animated movie from 1977.  I loved it as a kid and watched the heck out of it.  I also watched The Lord of the Rings (1978) animated film.  But I never liked that as much as The Hobbit.

I ended up reading The Hobbit as a child too.  But that was as far as I read.  Ironically I might add.  After all when I was a teenager I got hardcore into fantasy novels but never read Lord of the Rings.  Weird when I think about it.  But it is what it is. 

Then in December 2001 I became a giant LOTR fan!  I went to the theater and fell in love with the Peter Jackson movie.  And from then on I was hooked.  I played the Decipher TCG.  I read the books.  I watched the movies about 50 times.  I was into it hardcore!

So am I a super fan?  Well not really.  I can’t read Elvish or anything.  But I am a really big fan for sure!  I actually bought the LCG almost a year after it came out.  But I never got into it.  Not that I had a problem with it, but right after I bought it I ended up going through a messy divorce and so it fell by the wayside.  I ended up selling it off.  And I didn’t pick it back up till last year actually.  Yes I know that’s quite a while!  I do regret all the wasted time.  But at least I’m back at it now!  And for good too. 

So how often will I post?  Just to be completely honest I work full time 40+ hours a week and I am a married man so I don’t promise a blog post every week.  We are going to set a schedule where I post every week to 10 days.  Sometimes this will be a post from me and sometimes I will share a video that is worth watching.

So the long and the short of it if you are interested in joining me for these journeys I’d love to have you along with our fellowship.  This is a great game and you are doing yourself a disservice if you have never played it.  But enough talk!  Hitch up your pack.  Put on your boots.  Finish your second breakfast, grab your best walking stick, maybe a little old Toby as well and join me as we start our Journeys in Middle-Earth!

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